New Website!2021

After years of neglect I decided to completely rebuild and slightly re-design this website.

The website has now been re-built using the very latest versions of NextJS & React.

I intend to use this website a lot more going forward as I reduce my big tech/social media and bring more content to the web on a platform I build myself.

Micro blogging and images will be amongst the first of the new features to arrive sometime this year (hopefully).

But this is depending largely how much free time I can find when I'm not building products/websites for my business Alchemist Labs.

Stay tuned!


It's been a long time since I gave an update on here but things have been going from strength to strength.

Around 18 months ago I launched my own company Alchemist Labs which has been my day job ever since.

We have a super top-secret new product in the works, and a new website to launch soon.

More details to follow...

You can find ALCHEMIST LABS here
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